Christians are waking up, if you’re still asleep, here’s how to welcome the new dawning

By Andrew L. Pate

Pastor Pate is in his 61st year of ordained ministry, and continues to pastor the First Christian Church of Rockdale, Texas.  If you would like to tune in to his message for this Sunday, click on Unexpected Joy

We followers of Christ have been asleep for much too long.  The time to wake up has long since past and is now upon us.  "Morning has broken like the first morning. Blackbird has spoken. . .praise for the morning. Praise for them springing fresh from the world." (opening to a beautiful Christian hymn)

I have longed for this moment.  Too many years have past in which we've made lame excuses and postponed listening to the Voice of a living Christ.

We excused slavery.  We allowed our churches to dwindle and die.  We lost our souls to our modern idols:  big cars, comfortable homes, huge salaries, and  by over-indulging our children; in other words, by listening to wolves dressed in sheep's' clothing.

Oh, how we have failed the One we call our Savior, relegating him to the sideline, as though he is incapable of playing on our A team.

Ridiculous!  Absurd!  Horrible!  Sad, embarrassing, totally unacceptable to those who truly believe they are children of God.

In 2020 the Lord has awakened us.  Like Paul on the road to Damascus, we have been hit with a lightning bolt called "Covid-19," or the "Coronavirus."  And like Paul, we have a decision to make, will we follow the Best in our Master or will we continue to let an egoistical, uneducated, over-indulged narcissist tell us how we should live?

Many Disciples have said No!.  We are going to follow Christ.  Period.  End of Discussion.

If the reader is still undecided, continuing to cling to false teachings and false prophecy, I beg him or her to listen. . . to wake up!

It's not too late.

Do it now.  Review the story of the Good Samaritan.  Reread the heart of Jesus' sermon on the mount.  Rededicate yourself to following those teachings, above all others.

That's what I'm doing, with every ounce of energy and mindset the Lord has left in me.

My prayer.  That regardless of where we live, our economic status, our color, our race, our sexuality. we Disciples of Christ will follow our MASTER!  Amen.






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