Finding God and Self in a Worldwide Pandemic

In chaos or steadiness, nothing is the same

By Andrew L. Pate

As we struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic, reality simply will not let us go.  Unbelievable!  Frightening! How to get through this awful mess?  We search for answers throughout our every moment, awake and asleep.

Some among us stay calm, or pretend to be.  Others of us panic.  Many of us dwell in the ever-moving room of uncertainty,

As a minister, I speak often of God and Jesus., to reassure others and myself.  Thank goodness it works much of the time; but, truthfully, I must admit, not all of the time.

I have no idea how people without a stabilizing faith are coping.  Maybe by sheer denial, refusing to admit their little worlds may be falling apart.

I  call our common quest a search for God and Self.  Where is our Creator and Comforter?  Who am I really?  Am I capable of making it through this terrible storm?

When we find the One we also find the Other.  In a profoundly spiritual and meaningful way, this is a basic understanding of our Christian Faith.  In Christ we become One with God.

Many folks in our land do not see this.  They search for Self in politics, or in some physical exercise or relational experience, like friendship and marriage, all of which are worthy endeavors when in pursuit of a productive, creative existence.  But none is even remotely the same as finding God and coming to know who you really are.

God and a healthy self-acceptance go hand-in-hand, or better said, heart-to-heart, more an emotional, inspiring feeling than our other human experiences..

When you find God, you know your are accepted.  You, Yes you.

When you find God, you know other people are as special as you.  You forgive and you seek reconciliation as needed.

When you find God, you find Truth.  You become joyfully open to new discovery

When you find God, you are freed from endless  debates over who's right and who's wrong.

Finding God is the greatest discovery a Self can make.  And when you do, your heart's desire thereafter  is to make that discovery again and again, as often as you must.





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