Is there time enough?

Can We Get Our Act Together?

By Atticus Andrew

AMERICA was ill-prepared for Covid-19, having failed to take the steps necessary to cope successfully with a major worldwide disease, for which, as 151,000 plus deaths attest, it, of all nations, was the most vulnerable.

A badly crippled health system, a citizens-wide obsession with profits and perks, the resulting political stagnation and the absence of responsible adult leadership—these critical factors and every one of their cousins set the stage for the pandemic's ravaging of the United States, not beautifully but predictably.

Understand.  Donald Trump and the Wall Street Fat Cats did not create or cause the pandemic.  But since January 2020 they have shown beyond any doubt that they are themselves miserably  unprepared to cope with any potentially life-threatening disaster.

And we the people, we  have yet to hold them fully accountable.

The root problem lies, as I see it,  not in Washington DC, but within us.  If we want our nation to recover our divine destiny, which is  to live by  the noble goals of our  democracy, we must get our act together, and soon.

Attention to every one of the causative factors is certainly called for, but there is a more basic problem, which I believe urgently requires the most intelligent and creative responses we can muster.

I refer pointedly to the soullessness  of our spirituality.  I refer to how far we the people have distanced ourselves from the core teachings of our Judaeo-Christian heritage.

Yes, we have a president who is virtually in the dark about that heritage, surrounded by hand-picked aides and staff who themselves have also chosen to dwell in the shadows of a heresy which is the propaganda  of the anti-Christ

But let us leave those undisciplined and deranged minds aside:  Our souls, yours and mine, our souls have been asleep, abiding  all too comfortably for far  too long in the recesses of our minds.

So, the question placed boldly before us is:  Can we recover the values championed by Abraham Lincoln and his likes, values that once made the United States of America  "the Light" of the world.

The misnamed "evangelicals" who have supported our present very sick leadership are themselves among those who have chosen to politicize  a shallow, deceptive and flat-out wrong interpretation of their faith.  The authentic Christian faith that  strengthens one's soul enabling it to to confront any adversity has departed our too influential "evangelicals"; and no one regrets more than I, my having to say that.

But it is true.  And until we all believe it, we who call ourselves Christian, we and our beloved country we will remain in the outer darkness where there is much "weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth."




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