Pastor’s Column, May 2020

High Hopes, by Andy - Mother’s Day, May 10th

“Respect and Dignity Are Her Clothing” – Proverbs 31:25

In a recent conversation I told a personal story – I love to do that, tell stories from real life.  This one was about my mother.  My aim in telling it was to show what a profound influence she had upon me.

These things above all, she instilled in me and my sister: the unity of all people through the eyes of faith, the supreme value of education and the super value of possessing a strong capacity to forgive.

I can only guess what Mother would say today regarding my success or failure in living up to those high standards.

On certain of my life’s events, she no doubt would have been disappointed.  Namely, I know that  I have not been as forgiving as she was most all  time.

But I”d like to think that she’d be proud, if of nothing else, in the constancy  of my standing behind people of color, the poor and the distressed.  Also, I know this: I love learning more so now than I did when she passed away, October 3, 1969.

William Thackeray once wrote, “Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of children.”

Gale Marie Pate would not have agreed to being godly,  but she’d be among the first to affirm that the good mother has as her  first responsibility,  to teach her children about a personal God and the beauty and power of God’s  Creation.

Would you believe?  Being with Mother would make me look angelic?

To doubters I submit this picture, taken when I was age 8. Yes, time has changed me.



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