Behold,a Miracle is in the making

By Atticus Andrew

I believe in miracles.  And please do not quickly dismiss my belief because you think I must, as a minister.

That is true, though.  Belief in miracles comes with the ordination and its essential affirmations, like belief in the virgin birth,  in Jesus changing water into wine (one of my favorites), and for certain, belief in the Resurrection.

But miracles are by definition extraordinary, some say supernatural, and because they are they can rise to that height within the natural experiences of us human beings.  You don't have to be a seer, a gypsy or have an ecstatic spouting in a mysterious language to engage in a miracle.

Covid-19 does humble

Yes,  miracles can be extraordinarily human, to my mind a kind of natural eruption which one's mind can understand as one's body is overcome with joy.

We see such miracles quite often in the sports and entertainment worlds, when a talented but ordinary human being exceeds what none other has ever done.

In a much larger sense, miraculous happenings are not confined to sports, music or drama, but can take place within the whole of society and, yes, perhaps most noticeably, even in the dirty business of politics.

Unalienable rights are known

Extraordinary social change is taking place. This, I believe,is the miracle of our times

When this awesome change  began, who knows?  Just know that it is happening.  Increasingly large numbers of once very selfish Americans are stepping out of their egos and embracing others, even others unlike themselves .   Extremists are having to back down in disgrace as plain old hardworking folks are stepping up, unfreezing our paralysis and showing the world how to get along.

Many mully-grubs are still resisting of course. But we know: they're missing out.  These sour-faced die-hards are finding it next to impossible to admit their stubbornness and take the truly healthy step, choose to be better people.

But the really Good News is that we as a people, we're beginning to loosen up, finding ways to get along and finding solutions to our problems, which is to say: many among us are making it known we want be one with the whole of humanity and across all the walls we have built between us.

Understand, the miracle is in progress, perhaps in its earliest stages.  We don't see it unfolding all of the time, just some of the time.  But it's happening.

And if you don't see it,  wake up! Jump on our 21st century miracle wagon.  It's the greatest fun you'll ever have in this life.

July 4th 2020

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