When Followers Make Ignorance Their Leader

When the people are ill-informed, their chosen leader is ill-informed and dangerous

By Andrew L. Pate

It is difficult, if not impossible to uncover a time from our past when a nation's leader was not more a tool of his supporters, than is our president in 2020.

Most all current media sources - liberal, conservative, in-between - publish regular reminders that underneath  everything the president of the U.S. does and says is his desire to please his "core."

Pleasing the voters is not new to U.S. presidents.  Satisfying the people who elected them, they have each viewed as  a key to their getting done their programs and  also as a key to their staying in office.

Lincoln was indebted to the abolitionists;  FDR, to those who suffered the Great Depression; LBJ, to the Civil Rights Movement that helped elect John Kennedy.  Pleasing the voters goes with the job.

But our current president's "core" indebtedness is radically different from past presidential voter-pleasing.  Many, if not most of the "core" members are our less-educated Americans who hold deep resentments toward the Ivy League types and civil rights advocates who have played such dominant roles in American politics over the past half century, and earlier, in fact, throughout most of our history.

The president's "core" followers feel deeply that they have been manipulated and put-down, that their rights, especially their 2nd amendment rights, have been trampled on; and they are not logical in their defense of those resentments.  To them, logical reasoning is anathema, individual freedom is everything.  Too, they perceive their  president as their protector from foreigners and moralistic do-gooders.

From a Christian standpoint,  this heavily right-leaning "core"leadership is deeply troubling.  It crudely advances the "law of retaliation," moving the nation far beyond Christlike community and respect for Truth, education, and the God-granted gifts of our best scientists and educators.

Thus, Christ is not present in the pandemic crisis,  as Christ was present in Selma.  Christ is not present in our national civic movements, not yet anyway,  as Christ was present in 1920, when women were granted the right to vote, or as when Christ came alive among Americans during the nation's response to 911 in 2001.

How dangerous anti-Truth leadership I firmly believe to be clearly visible to those with open eyes:  The president is not qualified for the office he holds and he has surrounded himself with the unqualified and others unfamiliar with the Christian ethic.  Why?  Because that's what his "core" wants.

Satisfying his core may win him election but destroy the best that is in us.

For me, how we get through this crisis and emerge a better people depends entirely upon how alive Christ becomes among us.











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