A New Church Is Being Born,Want To Be A Part?

The Empowered

This above all, to thine own faith be true

I doubt that five to six months ago I would have believed it could ever happen.  But Covid-19 has become  the vehicle for breathing new life into the one true church "apostolic and universal," granting modern Christians an unprecedented opportunity to be the church Christ envisioned the church should be.

For too long, we "disciples" have not done that.  We have too often retreated cowardly, allowing our Voice to be silenced, thus enabling false prophets to speak for us.  No longer.

I am excited.  I have not experienced in my entire ministry a more splendid time for the followers of Christ to live up to their faith, proclaim it with great  joy, and share the good news universally for the good of every person touched by authentic Christian ministry.

Every door in our new church is wide-open..  Everyone is welcome.  It has no boundaries.  It lives wherever  dwells anyone in tune with our one heart, soul and mind.  It is, if you will, the "Church in Place" —alive, vibrant, exciting and, yes, speaking truth to power and extending warmth and love to all the downtrodden and brokenhearted.

Would you like to be a part of this new, always "on the go"  Church?  Nothing is required to join except to inform me of your sincere desire.  Simply  say YES to andrewpate@faith2021.net

I welcome you in advance.  But please know how much we  need and want your help in providing us with videos and audios, columns and blogs, of any and everything that you think will grow and strengthen our ministry.  Please remember me every day, in your prayers and thoughts; for n awe and wonder, our God is calling us to new discipleship.  The road ahead will be full of potholes but together, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will soar over and beyond every one.

I look forward to our journey into the future with you.










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