An Unexpected ‘Rona’ Blessing

By Atticus Andrew

Maybe, just maybe we can return home now, at last.  We've been away too long, strayed too far, forgotten too much.  Little wonder we have floundered and, to put it bluntly, failed the One we said we would faithfully serve.

Lay aside for a moment the flaws of an unfit president and the weaknesses of his stuck-in-the swamp opponents and obsequious followers, center on us, "Christian" disciples of the 21st century.

From 1st Baptist Dallas to St Peter's Basilica Rome, we meekly lie where we have fallen, disgraced and, yes, silenced amid the worldwide chaos  of a pandemic that cries out for strong moral  leadership.

Coverups have become our trademark, not Truth.

In Dallas, we tried desperately to hide our pro-slavery past by fixating on  a concept we called pro-life, and in so doing  flagrantly denied the  God-given capacity of the individual conscience to respond to the Call of the Master.

In Rome, for decades, perhaps centuries, we painted over the sexual abuse of children and others by powerful clerics, selfishly protecting our position of religious supremacy and influence around the globe.

Too, over roughly the same time-span, and from city to city, in rural areas and small towns, we "Christians'  of all persuasions carefully refined our abilities to absorb local interests and local prejudices instead of diligently trying to live out fully a healthy faith.

Indeed, over the years our sins were being made known step-by-step, disgrace upon disgrace.  But Covid-19 has left us naked and weak, without either a fig-leaf for cover or a garden serpent to blame.

Can we be reborn?  That IS the question.

Maybe.  But we must do so intentionally, I firmly believe.

Rebirth, as we know, begins with repentance, with the unqualified acknowledgement that we have failed and are in dire need of a restoration to the means of Grace.  And toward that possibility, we are summoned by our faith to reexamine ourselves with the utmost seriousness.

To the so-called "Evangelicals" it must be asked::  Where is the "good" in the "news" your name aspires to claim?  And pray  tell, when did God give to you alone the right to prejudge others?

To "Mainline" Christians.  Why are you so passive?  Why are you so bogged down by LGBTQ issues? that you are paralyzed and unable to speak meaningfully of love, power and justice? And why do you, like Catholics, hold so stubbornly to your yearnings for power and influence.  Admit it, you lost the right to have those yearnings satisfied.

To Catholics:  What has happened to your "one true Church, apostolic and universal."  Why do you remain so male-dominated that you continue to gloss over your grievous sins against humanity, especially against children and young people?

Lastly, to myself:  Atticus, why do you so often retreat from proclaiming for all the world to hear the Good News of our Oneness in Christ?  Is it out of fear that God will not protect you?  Are you hiding behind a false modesty?

When we have asked ourselves these and all related questions, then perhaps we will truly understand:  "We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23)

So it is, If  we are able now to reaffirm these words of Paul, then perhaps the door to God's Grace will once again be opened to us.

Come, Lord Jesus, come. Amen.







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