Beyond Chaos, Is There a Land That Is Fairer?

By Atticus Andrew

The Promised land "beyond" may exist only in our minds, a possibility we humans seem to struggle with daily if not hourly.  For we desperately want the promise to be fulfilled now!  Not tomorrow!  And surely not postponed until after we've had another presidential election.  That'll never happen, no ""fairer beyond" there, we've learned all too well.

As a result, disappointment, not just about today, but also about all our tomorrows; that most aggravating of feelings just may be the hallmark of our 21st century to date.  Yes, we do see the "land" in our future every now and then,  but its distance is always a stretch or two beyond our grasp. For a quick moment, we believe we've grabbed it, then Good, God Almighty!  It's gone.

"There's is a "land beyond the river" that is "fairer than day," an old hymn declares.  We're not sure what that means,but suppose  it to mean that there's a place where the weather is not just beautiful all the time, but a place where fairness also reigns, a heavenly place of peace, comfort and joy.

I'd like someday to go to such a place.  And I suspect most people share my liking.  Chaos can be exciting and fun for a while.  But in time, it becomes boring, boring in an unwanted, dreadful manner; there's a sharp, bitter "edge" to everything, even within our own families, which above all, if we've been taught rightly, is where we believe evenness and comfortable routine are most welcomed.

So, let us agree for a long while, I trust, that there is such a land and that we wish to go there some day.  But how?

Well, let's see if the Good Book  can help.

First of all,  Chapter 1, we have to accept our world as very good, and being alive in it is very good as well.   Now, I must urge you:  Do not remind me of the evil people in our world, those that are extremely despicable—those who are just plain bad most of the time, and those who are bad some of the time.   We must move on, because we have agreed that our world is good, and so are we.

Next step?




We have to strive to live the good way, wouldn't you agree?  Be fair to one another, which means we must be as good as we can be for every bit of the time we can.   Makes sense to me.

A third step may be very difficult.   We seem able only to remain at peace within ourselves and with one another for an extremely short while.  So, we must cease our endless arguing.  Discussion? Yes.  Mean-spirited talk and actions?  No!.  The instant we want to say, "But you're being ugly, or you're nasty," we have left our base.  So, if we allow verbal or revengeful actions to enter in, we've  definitely made a  terrible detour leading us to Nowhere.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea, the idea, that is, of living by the promise of a better land.   When we all agree, there'd be fewer, if any prolonged arguments; for we will have worked our way to voting for the best among us.

What about danger along the way?   Now why did anyone have to let that question enter my mind?  I could live better without it.  But yes, it's true.  Danger is, sometimes in abounding ways.  So, we've got to be prepared; and being the good folks we are we have to be able to assist one another in confronting danger.   In the Christian faith, this means we're got to be Christian soldiers, soldiers of the Cross, marching against everying that might imperil our good living.

Well, I've got to bring this to an end, even though I'm writing about a place which has no end. So, take what I say here as food for thought about where we might go together, if we really, really want to.

The first stanza of the old hymn composed and written by Joseph P. Webster, first published in 1868, goes as follows:

There’s A Land That Is Fairer Than Day,
And By Faith We Can See It Afar;
For The Father Waits Over The Way
To Prepare Us A Dwelling Place There.

In The Sweet By And By,
We Shall Meet On That Beautiful Shore.
In The Sweet By And By,
We Shall Meet On That Beautiful Shore.

Author: Pate Andrew


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