Beyond Partisan Politics

By Andrew L. Pate, Jr.

We can if we want to.  But most of the time we don't "want to."  Instead, we prefer to have our side win and the other side lose—decisively.  The battle is unending, meaning that stalemate and paralysis are the order of every day.

So, to get things done, we have to begin anew and agree that WE really do want to find lasting solutions to our political and social issues, without compromising our basic principles.

Which means to me that we must agree on our basic principles, of which life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the basic goals.

In other words, every proposed solution must address these goals.   If the proposal limits any one of the three goals it is, by definition, not worth pursuing.

From there, workable applications are rather obvious:  Take, three currently "hot" issues:  immigration, voting rights and health care.

Do our Immigration proposals address the lives of all concerned.?  How do new voting rights laws assure liberty for all voters.  And in what way does a health care enactment enhance the lives of most residents of America?

Of course, there are related other questions.  But the point is made.   Moving beyond paralysis requires actions that are consistent with America's essential goals.

Politicians who refuse to be so guided by those goals must be voted from office.

Wealthy individuals who put their personal goals of adding to their stockpiles, their self-centered ideas must be blocked from the minds of our chief decision makers.

It will not be easy.  But it can be done, if. . .if we have the proper will we can find the proper way.

College Station, Texas

April 7, 2021


Author: Pate Andrew


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