Embracing the Future in 2021

By Andrew L. Pate, Jr.

There's no tomorrow.   For 2020.  It's gone.  Poof!  Somewhere in the clouds now.

But for 2021 and the years to come?  that's a different story.   The Future is coming at us, as they say, "hard and fast."  What are we to do with it?

Well, a friend has answered to me, "I'm gonna just take what comes, and roll with it."

In other words, my friend is saying there's not much he can do about the Future, so he's just going to do his best to live through it.  He's obviously not very disturbed, or pretending not to be.

Others among us, I feel sure, are much more anxious, especially those who have spouses, children and others dependent upon them.

I have great sympathy for this latter group.  I think most everyone does.  Having survived Covid-19, they fear they cannot make it through another year like 2020.

They are correct.  We must do better, for the sake of everyone currently alive, or about to be,  on the planet earth.

Be prepared, says the Boy Scout motto.  We may be totally unable to prevent another pandemic or an economic crash with multiple causes, but we cannot continue to spend unnecessarily, we can save all we can, and we can educate or train ourselves for another occupation.  As distasteful and these suggestions may appear, they are essential to prepared living.

Be hopeful.  For me, this is the key.  Without hope, we are not fully alive.  And to be effective, we need to arise every morning with the great expectation that something good will happen soon, maybe even on this day.  However much some folks may dislike them, Barack Obama and George W. Bush were right about the necessity of being hopeful, that we walk "with our better angels."

Healthy individuals know the vital importance of being helpful to others,  including, when called upon, strangers.

To hope, I must also add the pursuit of justice and equality as an exceptionally good way to welcome the future, like, speaking out against injustice and siding with those who do not have enough money or social standing to defend themselves amid whatever cruelties may come their way.

Quickly, but convincingly I trust, let me close on a faith-note.  Welcoming the Future is to live the Resurrection faith.  Christ arose!  His Truth and Goodness live forever!

December 31, 2020




Author: Pate Andrew


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