Faith 2021 was born in the opening weeks of the worldwide Covid-19 virus scare.  As the virus spread globally people everywhere were forced to alter their lives in radical ways.  In the process considerable reexamination of priorities took place, with the need for a faith-based life accentuated and made all the more apparent.   Faith 2021's goal is to do everything it can to meet that need.

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Major Events and Climate Change

The most important news happenings regarding health, major political issues, and all matters concerning the effects of global warming will be covered on these pages.    Comments and articles are strongly encouraged.

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The Prophetic Voice Must Be Heard

Faith 2021 aims to publish homilies, articles and more contributed by the ordained and the unordained, non-Christian and Christian.  Seldom if ever before the world has needed Truth addressed to its needs. Our editors and writers will constantly be in quest of individuals, secular and non-secular, who are speaking Truth to power, to persons without wealth and to those with it.

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Since 1993

Faith's Greatest Contributions Are Often Ignored or Evaded

Our aim is to make sure they're known, heard and appreciated.

If any reader wishes to contribute, please submit your article, comments or homily to: drandypate@gmail.com



Next Steps...

For as long as we can, we're going to depend entirely on donations.  Please help us, in any amount.