How to Make Our Opinions Count in 2021

The "Damnation" in Always Being Right

By Atticus Andrew

No one likes to be proven wrong.  At least, that's my experience.  I know it  very hard to confess fallibility.  But no matter, it's going to happen, and more than once.  You believe you're absolutely correct, then Bang! you're shown to be in serious error.

Here's the two-fold lesson I believe I've learned:

#1, it's okay to be wrong.  Everybody is, in some way, to some degree; and

#2, even if wrong, we can make a difference.

Regarding the latter, there's a critical point to add, "only if you're able to admit you were wrong."

Ah, there's the rub.  It's the "admitting" that's the hard part.  Most of us rebel mightily against doing that.  "We" is a "proud people," to say the least.

But when we do, admit we hare erred,  the "other" truth becomes open to us; our understandings are broadened.  We are able to grow as human beings.

Regarding our recent political and social divisions, here is how my thoughts have unfolded.

I am now of the strong opinion that we must  cease our stubbornness and admit  to our errors in order to grow again as individuals and as societal members--all of us!

To illustrate:  I have seen myself as a staunch  advocate of openness to new ideas and to the toleration of the many ways human relationships evolve, meaning toleration and respect for all people of all races and religions. Not until recently, however, have I come to see that in too much of who I am, this simply is not true,.  For the truth is, I too am a biased, prejudiced human being and in all honesty I must confess I am often uncomfortable with people who are very different from me.

Hopefully, with that admission, I can now become a more "whole' human being.  I pray so.

Extremism is not the answer.  For extremes, by definition, have no room for the admission of error.

"She enticed me to eat of the forbidden fruit,"Adam seems to have said of Eve.

"It was the serpent,"  Eve seems to have added.

Neither Adam nor Eve admitted error.

Thus, our original sin.










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