Lessons in Time, 2016-2020, Some, a Very Hard Study

By Atticus Andrew

They were a century long, those four years of #45, or so it seemed 24/7. But we learned a lot, and hopefully we have made some much-needed national corrections.

George Santayana is likely recoiling in his grave, however.  For, from 2016-2020, we repeated so many of our historical errors, no one has yet  had time to count them.  We thought white racism was dead.  It wasn't.  We thought good sense and executive experience were musts for our top politicians.   How wrong we were!  As we crudely learned, fools can issue countless executive orders, hiding leadership weaknesses that, in the end, badly damaged our country.

Our allies were once thought indispensable; also in the same category was the high esteem with which our democracy was held around the world.  But we failed miserably; we essentially destroyed both in less than 48 months..   Who says we can't govern as poorly as any nation? We proved we cannot just match any nation in reckless behavior, we can fail more profoundly.

No longer were our "huddled masses" welcomed, to the delight of the uneducated and  single-minded, anti-abortion "evangelicals" who forgot that Pro-life is all encompassing.  Just allow the unwanted embryo to live they argued, and someone will want them someday, totally ignoring the starving masses on our southern border.

But we did learn something from #45 that showed we are still capable of learning.  He had no fear of tweeting and issuing executive orders in which he regularly




informed us on how to deal with the pandemic and our changing climate issues:  Just ignore them.  And we have to agree; no one has ever been better at "ignoring" major issues than #45.

Ignorance is bliss, someone once said.   From 2016-2020, we also learned that bliss only lasts for about a millisecond, then ignorance turns to filthy swamp, which is one hell of a mess to have to clean up.

In addition, 2016-2020, we came to understand how chaos takes our mind off of sex, as does a pandemic, which.may or may not be a benefit, since the mind-altering helps to control runaway population growth.


In addition, we learned a lot about election fraud; there's a whole lot of it that escapes detection, meaning, it can't be established in court because the facts are very evasive.

People still wonder how $45 lost his bid at a second term. I don't understand why, because it's obvious why #45 lost. He taught us too much, and another 4 years would have made us feel like overwhelmed elitists, knowing all that we would know by then.

Maybe in 2024? I think not. Those who have learned that they have failed to learn from the lessons of history are destined not to repeat them.

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