Let’s end this nonsense!

Hell never gets better until. . .

By Atticus Andrew—"Enough was enough!" well before March 1st, 2020, or whenever it was that most thinking Americans first decided they'd better do something about the pandemic.

Already, Americans of the intentionally informed persuasion knew that their government could not possibly provide the country with the kind of leadership necessary for dealing successfully with the crisis, or with any crisis really: the intelligence and know-how were simply not there.

Why should any of us  have ever thought otherwise?  We had been lied to endlessly and had our passionate pleas for workable solutions ignored for years.  And to top it off, we were, or should have been, thoroughly disgusted with the hell into which we descended sometime in 2016, or as is more likely, well before that when we lay down and went to sleep at Democracy's helm.

But the Trumpian  die-hards were awake, and simply would not surrender their longing to be somebodies and to purge from their lives forever those dark-skinned pests from abroad and too near at home.

The Trumpites deceived themselves, we see clearly now,  into believing that Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller and their like could give them such greatness, totally ignoring what to sane people was obvious:  The Trump Gang was rotten to the core.

Sadly, we who had a glimpse of the abyss into which we were falling, we were only a mite better, if that.  For in weakness, we allowed our vision to become tainted by the Trumpian delusions.

"This, too, shall end,"  we falsely hoped, giving the Trumpities a pass, more than enough room to exploit us and steal from our national treasury of honor and dignity.

"We must understand why the "ites" want greatness; their desires  have been suppressed for so very very long, "  we said to ourselves, ignoring the consequences.

"There's nothing we can do." the staunchest fatalists among us said, retreating cowardly from the unpleasant encounters we knew we'd have to endure if we spoke up."

Truth is,  we failed America in an hour of its greatest need..

Thank God for our youth, who did not.  At least, they had a measure of courage to speak up and speak out at the injustice, deceit and corruption into which they had been thrust against their best interests.

So it is.  we who love America  must now respond, intelligently and with as much courage as demanded.  For this is a battle that no American can afford to lose.  Indeed,  we must support our youth, that their future and that of their offspring may once again be filled with promise.

Let us join together!  Rid ourselves of the monsters who so  surreptitiously gained control of the White house.  Bar Barr from ever practicing law again.  Exile Trump and  his family to their stolen properties in Florida.  And most importantly, let us together renew within ourselves,  and recommit to living out those values we know to be the heart of our Democracy, namely truth, justice and equality for all.

We can't afford to wait for a 2nd or 3rd wave of Covid-19.

It's now or never.





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