My Secret Church

Only by the Grace of the Almighty

By Atticus Andrew

IT has no walls, no particular earthly spot where it congregates.  It exists in a wondrous Cloud encircled by beautiful rainbows and showers of blessing.

This church, my "secret" church, is marvelous beyond compare.

I never dreamed I would one day worship, learn, share and be excited by such a warm and friendly fellowship.  But I do, I am in it and have been for a good while now, beginning maybe four or five years ago.  I find the quality of its members amazing and believe there could be many others on our planet who may wish to gather, talk and pray within it.

Only recently have I become aware of the dynamic structures and qualities of my "secret" church, which I label "secret" only because most people in the world, even many of those within the church itself, are unaware of its existence

My secret church is full of energy, like that of a mind again and again excited by the discovery of truth and insight.

The church's members are inseparably bound, but separately living out their faith in their individual geographical places, which are wide-ranging.  They are multi-racial, of all ages, vocations and sexual orientations, and from a variety of educational levels..   Some members do not even consider themselves Christian, but de facto, they are, because they have taken in and been enlightened by the Messiah's vision.

My secret church is a place where searching minds coalesce.  Together they share an abiding, interest in justice and opportunity for everyone.

My secret church has no political or social boundaries.  Its members don't just tolerate the differences among them, they celebrate "different" and collectively acknowledge that every human being is to be honored in his or her certain place, regardless.

My secret church welcomes the angry, the disillusioned, the opinionated , reverently rejecting the "sin"  but not the sinner, and without prejudgment.

My secret church is no secret to me anymore, and I suspect, to others who are knowingly embraced in the joy of its fellowship.

Anyone wanting to join my secret church can.  Just enter the Cloud with us.








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