Pathway to Sanity

By Andrew L. Pate, Jr.

In my darkest moments, I tremble for the American children of 2021.  They have so much dirt to sift through for them to grow into living out their adulthood as responsible, informed citizens.  The odds of their being able to do so are heavily against them.

But it can happen.  Let me suggest three ways;

First — Parents can remain calm when with their children about political, religious and racial issues, showing an open and tolerant respect for varying opinions.

Secondly — Parents and teachers can create a desire for learning in the children that is strong and passionate in its quest for Truth and for the discovery of insight into the wondrous nature of the world and human relationships

Thirdly — Children can teach others how to get along and embrace life.  For “of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Can we adults take the sensible steps?  That is the question of today.

Author: Pate Andrew


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