Preaching the Good News in Bad Times

The time has come . . . to preach

Andrew Pate, ThD

Most of the time in ministry, it's not difficult for a preacher to choose a text and topic; it can be done simply by following the lectionary or by coming up with a  provocative theme for a sermon series.

But In difficult times, particularly in the midst of a divisive political campaign and a worldwide pandemic, how and what to preach can be a deeply troubling question for the typical Christian pulpiteer.   To comfort?  To judge?  To give hope?  All or none of the above?

The truth is too:  when the Gospel is fully preached, many parishioners are not ready to hear it; and the preacher's dilemma is worsened, which is very likely the case for many pastors who are currently active.

This election year 2020 I have found to be the most troubling of my 61 year career.  Why?  Two words:  Donald Trump.

To many observers, myself included, Donald  Trump is a man severely limited by deep-seeded psychological disorders.   He is a total narcissist and a compulsive liar who has most likely committed many illegalities in his lifetime  And personally, I  am 100 % convinced that Christians must evict him and his family from the White House on November 3rd.  Our nation cannot survive another four years with him there.

If what I say offends you, I 'm sorry you feel that way; but I'd be a coward not to declare the pervasive evil I see the president to be.  He threatens not just individuals, but our very democracy.

I do not have all the answers obviously.  But I do know what I believe:  I believe in a Gospel that values truth telling, competency and decency toward all human beings.   I see none of these values as being even remotely alive and well in Donald Trump.

Therefore, never will I support him and what he represents.

September 9, 2020





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