Real Immigration Issues Cry Out for Answers

By Doctor Andy

Our real immigration crisis haunts us on this side of our southern border.  Until we understand and cope with this in-house dilemma, we will very likely remain unable to deal successfully with the thousands of citizen-seekers who clamor to cross into the U.S. from the other side.

Evey citizen  within the U.S. is being called upon to accept responsibility for coping with the crisis.   Neither one group nor a single radical nationalist can be held fully accountable.  We all should be.  Why?

For one, because racism runs rampant throughout our society.

For two, the rigidity in our differing opinions that has so separated us confirms that our proud heritage of knowing how "to get things done" has been gravely weakened.

So it is, we blame others:  the Republican party, the extremist liberals, the intellectually elite, the faithless, the misguided evangelicals and, most of all, we fault the wannabe immigrants themselves, who after all, we reason illogically, are foreign invaders bent on anarchy and the corruption of our children and youth.

How misguided!   Were we truly a value-centered democracy, we would be confronting our border issues with solutions that work.   Instead, the cancer of racism is killing us.

So, everyone of us who seriously desires the preservation of the USA and its historically positive ability to contribute to the welfare of the humankind—one and all, we are now  "called"  to propose and implement the necessary corrections.  Let us suggest a few:

First,  White Evangelicals must surrender their one-issue obsession and expand their pro-life position to be "all inclusive" of pregnant teens, raped women and the convicted on death row, while at the same time attending fully to granting woman equal advancement and participation in their ministries.

Secondly, the Republican party must return to its roots and abandon its "Southern strategy" and "trickle down economics." then replace these immensely divisive polices with updated positions true to their history..

Thirdly, our best educated, e.g. the Ivy Leaguers et al, must attend to showing respect for all levels of education and training, and apply that respect to the underlying problems.

Fourthly, the  U.S. educational system must itself get back on the right track, which means attending well to educating all its children, youth and adults who need it.

Most importantly, we who are divided must agree that we will work together, denying ourselves the pleasure of thinking that " our side" is the only right side.

Once we have accomplished the above, then, and only then will we be ready to open up to the thousands currently stranded on our borders.



Author: Pate Andrew


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