Slavery’s Most Neglected Victims, Can They Be Healed?

By Andrew L. Pate, Jr.

Note:  My main point here is that Whites are the victims of their own prejudices, a devastating social illness.  Until we rid ourselves of this sickness, we will not be a healthy nation.

The White middle and lower classes, often cited as the chief proponents of American racism, are themselves primary victims of the prejudices they have so long espoused..  Before, during and since the Civil Way non-elitist Whites have suffered educational and vocational setbacks which are quite possibly as socially destructive as those experienced by Blacks

Following the North's victory in 1865,  White prejudice did not wane, it solidified and has continued to thrive and intensify ever since, all the while creating  multiple forms of ill-will and social disadvantage among  people of all colors, including Whites

Consequently, where prejudiced Whites have controlled state and federal government, suppression of others has been written into law and enforced by the very legal entities created to secure justice and liberty for all.  Unfortunately, these laws have often proven to be of disservice to all Americans.

Prejudice is a social illness of the worst order, even more dangerous for those who hold it than for those against whom the prejudice is aimed.  It is, we believe,  "a sickness unto death."

Prejudice teaches and promulgates a false racial superiority.  And no classes suffer more today from the devastating consequences  than do the lower and middle class Whites, those who often have to compete with Blacks and immigrants for precious jobs.  For you see, they have been victims of a seriously weakened educational system that has placed them in the back of the class, where they had to live with the reality that even in a predominantly White world, they are inferior.

White elites have had the advantage always.  For over 250 years  many have attended the best public and private schools, then gone on to enhance their status with superior educations at our best colleges and universities.

Meanwhile the lower classes, Blacks and Whites,  have stumbled, Blacks more so due to enforced segregation until 1954.  But also, in key respects, after 1954.  For with the Civil Rights movement, non-elitist Whites were compelled to compete with advantaged Blacks So, now we have another cause for enmity among the races, as certain Whites are claiming reverse discrimination.  It's a non-ending spiral going nowhere.

Answers to our multiple forms of continuing enslavement are not easy to come by.   Clearly lower class Whites need a sounder educational foundation than they been getting, hopefully one that enables them to feel better among themselves in relationship to all people.

Perhaps a kind of "elitist" junior college experience designed to bring together the less well prepared and hopefully, bring them up to a competitive level, or teach them a trade or vocational skills that will improve their self-image, this might work.

Whatever, we can and must do better.




Author: Pate Andrew


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