In 160 years, there’s not been a more urgent time for Americans to heed. . .

Abe's Warning:  "A Nation Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand"*

  • *The statement is famously associated with Lincoln's 1858 House Divided speech.  But he had used it earlier, in 1843; and Sam Houston had uttered the phrase in an 1850 debate over the Missouri Compromise.  It seems likely, too, that the two politicians were indebted for their phrasing to Jesus of Nazareth, see Matthew 12:2

By Atticus Andrew

Approaching election day on November 3rd it is no secret that America is a divided nation.  But many of its citizens do not apparently understand why, nor do  they seem to realize the genuine threat posed for their nation by their separateness.  "Divided" they know.

The manner in which this division is spoken about tells as much.   For political discussions among U. S. citizens invariably assume:  You're either with Trump or you're against him.  You're either a Republican or a Democrat.  You're either a True-blooded Conservative American or you're a Left-wing Communist.  You're either a Racist or a Bleeding-heart Liberal. There is no middle ground.

Thus, it is recognizably certain that Americans have chosen sides concerning politics and other societal points of divergence; and each side has set its opinions in concrete, as though  the respective members are confident without reservations that they know what is best for their country..

Ah, there's the rub.  It simply ain't so!  For the very depth of the chasm does not reflect America at its best; no, it demonstrably manifests America at its worst.

And so it is in 2020:   We are not one people.  We are not one nation.  We are, in fact, a severely crippled nation limping along in stubborn denial of  a possible looming disaster, whereby we could too easily become a failed nation, following the oblivion-bound paths of so many countries and governments before us.

There's enough wrong on both sides of this Great Division that no individual or group can rightly evade some measure of responsibility for America's having concreted itself into being known worldwide as the Alienation Nation. None among us is entirely innocent.

So it stands to reason that If we are to make the necessary corrections, together we must take the first step.    We must collectedly and individually recommit ourselves to be wholeheartedly in agreement with Abe and Sam:  We are One people.

Believe it or not, the 2nd Civil War to which we may be headed could actually be a devastating repeat of the first. More likely, Civil War II, when and if it comes, hopefully never, it will be more of a whimpering decline over tedious and wearisome years into irrelevance on the world scene, interrupted from time to time by Americans once again killing one another in ignoble numbers.

Our collective recognition of other realities is also essential if we are to reunite::

  • We cannot continue as Progressives vs. Trumpites
  • We cannot continue as Fascists vs. Light-wingers.
  • We cannot continue as Christians vs. Muslims.
  • We cannot continue as Whites vs. Blacks and Browns.

We must be enabled once again to be able to declare loudly for the world to hear that we are in total agreement with Abe, Sam and Jesus:  Our Union is sacred.







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