Yes, our president and his supporters are different

For evenness, look elsewhere

By Atticus Andrew

Currently outdated in Trumpland:  During these hectic weeks leading up to Election Day 2020, our time and energies would be better spent fine-tuning the policies and ideas that make good sense to reasonable people rather than in continuing any doomed-to-fail  attempts to give reasonable explanations for why Trumpism has acquired political power in America.

In Trumpland, there are few, if any  "reasonable' explanations.

Trump's most rabid followers love the derangement he has exhibited and caused.  And they passionately adore the almost total absence among them of any well-defined reasons for their discipleship.  They neither need nor want them.

Trumpites love, in particular,  the fact that their  leader's words and actions make no sense.  They glory in how befuddled lovers of truth get when their leader does the unthinkable, like when declaring himself a "stable genius" or when  offending reporters whose professional aim is to make public sense of important happenings.

Trumpites love nonsense.  They despise well-informed people who know things.  They despise even more the moralists who talk about decency, competency and integrity—values, which, for most of our history, have been important to talk about, define and live out.

However unsurprising it may be, Trump's core supporters seem magnetically drawn, as though seduced, to their hero's cozening up to arch enemies of the U. S. while also distancing himself from Free-World leaders.  These core disciples receive Trump's self-promoting, narcissistic traits as terrific, as  great sources for experiencing TRiUMPhant delight.

The most extreme of these nonsense worshipers adhere radically to silly ideas and stupid stuff, that is, to ideas and deeds that are silly and stupid to sense-seekers.

If all this sounds ridiculous, there's a reason.  It is.  Until Trump came along, well over half of all Americans consistently thought their politicians should do sensible things for America.

Nowadays, in Donald's governing irrationality, there's no reason really for Democrats and Republicans to try and work together on anything.  Only Phi Beta Kappa stuff shirts think that.  And boy!  Are they behind the times!

Indeed, in Trumpland the more we the people are confused and the more divided we are, the more inevitable is the triumph of Trumpism.

To say that his "followers" follow him blindly is no understatement.  Hard facts and logically arrived at conclusions interest Trumpites about as much as do the latest scientifically verified findings on Global warming.

Logical reasoning doesn't exist in Trumpland, with one or two exceptions (see below).  There is no thesis,  only antithesis, which also is the conclusion.

Understandably (?, pardon me), the scientific method is totally not weird enough, thus, must be scorned and ridiculed among serious Trumpites.

But forward to one or two exceptions, in and through which Trumpites appear to give rational thought a chance.

The first has to do with voting, and, specifically, with the votes of the Electoral College, through which Trump was able to emerge victorious in 2016 by winning 304 total votes while also carrying 30 of our 50 states.

Trumpites do not want anyone to forget the 2016 Electoral vote, which the hard core facts verify and which "rationally" gives them, so they think, a second path to victory in 2020.  Only 270 votes are needed.  And if Trump wins the sames states he did in 2016, or makes up elsewhere for any loses, he will serve a second term.

Take that, anti-Trumpites!   Also, absorb into your overly balanced brain cells every bit of economic good news there is!  And shove it!

Should their peculiar brand of "non-rationality"  fail them on November 3rd, Trumpites will no doubt resort to answering with one of their favorite absurdities; by screaming loudly about how illegal and unAmerican was the vote.

That's the way it is, and will be, as long as DJT is president of the U.S.  And you can take that to the bank.

For sure, the critical response to Trump's brand of nonsense is the sensible one:  Kick him out!  Simply put, that's the "smart" way to deal with incompetence.

Unfortunately, that's not enough.  In addition to rational and sensible reactions to Trump, Biden and his supporters must also fight with unprovable but effective means, with, that is, all the power they can muster in coming up with positive, well-crafted talk and actions, aimed, of course, at  building national unity and restoring hope to the American people.

Biden and his clan need, it says here, to capitalize on both sound reasoning and the wonder of creative envisioning.  Be unashamedly optimistic and hopeful, Joe.  Reach out, touch and embrace people of all colors and espouse every idea that hints at the beauty and magnificence of life itself.

And while you're at, Joe, make everything personal:  Lift up Trump's three marriages and four bankruptcies and the damage done to real people.   Tell all about how crazy are Melania's and his children's obsessions with style and appearance  Don't be ugly, just fittingly whimsical, all the while praising security and sound thinking in marriage and in community of every kind.

For some reason, surely strange, I'm sure, I'm reminded of Jesus having once asked what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?

The question and its meaning doesn't make sense in Trumpland, not from where I sit.

But it does to me.



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