Waked? Awoke? Got Up?…Still Sleeping?

By Atticus Andrew

Does it matter today how you say you stopped sleeping, arose from your bed and started doing something of real importance for yourself and other human beings?

Yes and no.  Blacks have both inspired and angered  America and the  world with their "WOKEness."  There's little doubt.  Most are determined to correct historic wrongs.

But not all non-Blacks agree.  In fact, many Americans likely disagree and harbor great resentments that "people of color" may be granted unusual privileges as remedies for the evils in slavery's ugly history.

So, the War goes on.  Not the one in Afghanistan, the Civil War in America, the endless battles between the races, mostly between Whites and a few "Uncle Toms" against all non-White people.

To say that the present realty of this Civil War is disappointing and depressing is a gross understatement,  For such suggests strongly that the negatives against "wokeness" are beyond our abilities to describe, much less correct. Day after day, hour after hour, injustices are committed in our land against those with lesser power, and the coveted balance of our justice scales forever tips in favor of those who are still asleep, deaf and dumb to the ultimately lethal nature of blatant racism.

America!  America!  Wake up!  If you do not,  you will surely continue your disappearing act.  because, in reality, you are no longer the role model for the humankind; rather, you have so declined that you have become the symbol of a much-despised nation.

Rightly so!  Self-righteousness in the extreme has become our global reputation and thus, the main cause of our "inevitable decline" around the globe.

"Justice for some" denies the constitutional foundation of the United States, having replaced the pronounced goal of our founding fathers and mothers.

If we fail to wake up very soon, I'm afraid we will fail.  And as a mature and thankful citizen of the United Sates of America, I wish to avoid that at all costs.

April 28, 2021


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