When Being “Right” Is “Wrong”

Insight and wisdom are often not enough. For even when understood they can strengthen the weaknesses they endeavor to expose.  Case in point:

The Anti-Trumpism that has exposed manifold lies and hypocrisies has not led to Trumpism's disappearance. Quite the contrary. Despite Biden's win in 2020, the followers of #45 appear to be more determined than ever either to get their man back in the White House or,  at the very least, further enhance his hold over the Republican party.

Truth can make you free, but when not accepted, it can make you more stubborn and meaner than ever; thus, the untruths and conspiracies currently being loudly and ridiculously espoused by Trump and his allies.

The primary fault here lies not in the hearers but in the advocates, who have often over-stated their assertions with endlessly boring repetitions aimed at the wrong audience.

Truth's primary aim is not to make headlines.  It is to change hearts, to warm them sufficiently that they are naturally responsive to human need wherever it exists.

First and last, we say, truth addresses itself to the conscience that wills always for the triumph of good over evil.

Freedom of the press has gone awry with its ceaseless focus on humanity's negativity,  muting if not silencing the redeeming voices of kindness and mercy through which freedom prospers.

Author: Pate Andrew


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