When “Equal” Hardens into “Uncivil”

Biden cannot soften the hard core Trumpians from within his administration

By Atticus Andrew

They believe the 2020 presidential election was fraudulently won.   And most are absolutely certain in their belief.

Surely, some are not totally without reason and understand the basics of how U.S. elections are declared legally valid.   Yes, there must be.  And these are self-defined outcasts, the individuals who are de facto  and intentionally guilty of treason; for on January 6, 2021, they knowingly sought to halt the official counting of the electoral ballots  by Congress.  It was their wish.  It was their goal to cease the count.

Our democracy must prevail over these traitors, including over those who provoked the riot. But their misinformed followers, who, with a touch of innocence, got caught up in the melee thinking they were doing the right thing.  For these, their misdirected hearts must be changed.

But how?  Bush administration officials cannot do it.  Nor can those who are not well enough informed about our constitution and the rights guaranteed by it and its 27 ratified amendments.

Charismatic leaders within Trumpism, evangelicals most likely,  who have seen the light; they will be the ones to gain the conversions,, once they themselves have been won over by common sense and a proper education regarding our democracy, how it came to be, and what enables it to survive.

Barring a last-minute enlightenment, Franklin Graham and Dr. Robert Jeffress of 1st Baptist Dallas, have, by choice, surrendered any claim to leadership. For they have not just lied themselves, they have become the Big Lie, its chief symbols.

No, a new commitment to authentic Democracy on the part of our misled Trumpians must come from those willing to be converted, or who have already been converted.

We do not yet know precisely  who the leaders will be.  Perhaps a called conference for conversations with Biden officials  would be in order, composed of Christian evangelicals known to have second thoughts about Trumpism.  Among evangelicals who appear to have already converted:  J. D. Greer, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, former Dutch Reform Michigan pastor Keith Mannes and Pastor/Prophet Jeremiah Johnson.

Yet another individual may be even more influential in bringing Trumpites around;  she is Beth Moore, perhaps the most influential of all Christian evangelical women.

Should any or all of these Christian leaders choose to join the Biden rebirth of Democracy, their focus would require, I should think, at a minimum, these three major goals:

  1. Educating open-minded Trumpians to how American elections really work;
  2. Clarifying beyond any doubt the Christian ministry to "strangers"; and
  3. Re-dedication to caring for the planet earth in the blessed name of Jesus Christ.

Can it happen?  Depends on how much Trumpians desire to be known as authentic Christians blessed also to be true Americans.

21 January 2021



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