Blind Loyalty Could Be the Decider

By Atticus Andrew

Always in an election there seems to be a pivotal factor that holds  the key to the entire election.  To some 2020 observers this factor could well be the fanaticism of Trump's core.

However described— stubborn, unyielding, illogical?—this voting bloc, and it is that, yields considerable power and its direction and make-up seem virtually impossible to change.

At the peak of the Cold War (1960s and 1970s say) blind loyalty voters lived by the motto  "my country, right or wrong," meaning they  supported whichever political candidate could establish the strongest "anti-Communist" credentials.

Anti-Communism remains strong within the "blind loyalty" bloc in 2020, but appears to have decisively tied itself to one candidate: Donald Trump, despite his pro-Russian inclinations.

There's no bend in this bloc.   Logic and legalities are relatively unimportant.  All that matters is loyalty to Trump, who can tell all the lies he wants and contradict himself whenever he wants, doesn't matter, he's their man.

This is, of course, terribly frustrating to Joe Biden and his supporters, which makes the Trump folks exceedingly happy while also deepening their Trumpian allegiances.

Blind loyalty to Trump is no doubt a fascinating piece of the 2020 election campaign puzzle that historians will spend decades, perhaps centuries, trying to decipher.

Most puzzling of all regarding the Trumping core is that its numbers include college graduates and others who ordinarily might be open to some degree of logical and critical thinking in the making their voting decisions.  Not so in 2020.

If Trump is to lose, and that's a huge "If," Joe Biden must garner overwhelmingly the votes of Americans who have not double-downed in their fanatical support of the president.  Of course, the possibility exists that a handful of Trumpites might be marginal and persuadable; after all people do change their minds.  But that is unlikely; for to date, no one has figured out how reasonably to alter that which is unreasonable.

Makes no sense.  And that's the point.






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